Wait For Pharoah’s Call

So I was just doing some work and as I was typing I heard this in the spirit. The Lord brought me back to when I did pottery in my first year of college and I remembered moulding the clay and my tutor would say start over as air has gotten into the clay and that is detrimental to the clay pot if you put it into the furnace. He went on to explain that these little air holes in the clay will create cracks in the pot.

 As I was typing away, the Lord revealed to me that the pot is significant of one’s character. He said the process of moulding and then being crushed every time is to get rid if the air (bad habits, pride sin) out of you (the clay) because as a pot, there cannot be any cracks, imagine if I had put the clay pot with the holes in the furnace? Guess what would have happened, there would have been cracks and then it would not be good for use. Imagine pouring water into a cracked pot? What would happen, the water would leak out. The Holy Spirit revealed that the pot is like your character, if there are cracks in your character, the substance poured into that pot is your gifting but if your character is flawed, it will not hold your gift well. Your gift makes room for you but your character will have you kicked out of that room. Appreciate the process and let God mould you. Don’t rush the process. Joseph stay in that prison and await Pharaoh’s call. God will accelerate you. Joseph was brought out the prison hastily to go before Pharaoh. When he went before Pharaoh, his discretion and wisdom impressed Pharaoh, it was not just his ability to interpret dreams. When your process is through with you God will accelerate you into your destiny. Glory to God. This word is for me as well as it is for someone who will read this. 
God bless you and thank you for reading

Author: Dahna Fearon

Dahna Fearon is the Founder of Release Me, a movement which aims to educate, empower and establish women into understanding their purpose and destiny.

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