Transition Is The Call To Greatness

My last article was on the subject of transition and I said transition is not always convenient but it is necessary for one’s growth and advancement.

Transition is moving from one place to the next. I have been on a journey for the last 18 months and I realised that since 2008, God was actually preparing me for this journey. In transition, you will experience loss;  loss is necessary in the process of transition because that is how the new things are birth when great loss takes place. Know that it is at the point of loss where you will experience growth and a new beginning. I believe everyone at some point will receive the call to transition but it is for you to answer that call. Transition is a call to greatness. Most times, when transition shows up in the lives of people, they will start to say things like “this is not the right time”, “I cannot move because…..” “I do not have enough finances” “I cannot do this because of that”. I found myself having this same reaction and making the same excuses. The truth is, transition is never convenient but it is always necessary.

The scenario with with the fig tree in Mark 11v13-14 comes to mind when I think of transition. Jesus showed up to the fig tree hungry and ready to collect some figs. This scripture baffled me when I read it last year because at first I thought Jesus was being harsh when he cursed the fig tree. In verse 13, it said that the time of the figs was not yet, which meant as it says, it was not time for it to bear fruit. However, the leaves on the tree indicated that it was the season for the figs to start bearing fruit. Even though the the tree was in its season it was not time. Was Jesus being impatient? Not so, when Jesus showed up, the tree should have bore fruits. When Jesus shows up, the time is always now so no matter what time it is or what season you are in when Jesus shows up the time is now and that is where the fig tree messed up.

According to Jewish  agriculture, the fig tree, when it was about to bear fruit, the leaves on the tree would always come first then these little knobs would spring forth after. These little knobs were what farmers looked out for because these knobs were a sign to farmers that the tree would bear fruits so when Jesus saw the leaves (which represents potential) on the fig tree, he was actually expecting to see the knobs but he found nothing. How many of you are walking around with songs that no one has ever heard, or books that have never been written or that ministry or business that God has been pressing on your heart to start? That is your potential, be ready when God shows up, do not allow yourself to be like this fig tree.

The Lord took me deeper, He revealed to me that this is what happens in transition, when you refuse to walk through the door of transition, just like the fig tree, you will become stagnant. Transition is psychological which is manifested through your actions and the transformation is what reveals the psychological process of transition in a person. Transition takes you through a paradigm shift which is also psychological. Transition is not physical in humans like it is for  the eagle, it is a psychological experience which takes you to the next dimension. Do not be like the fig tree; when the opportunity  for change presents itself, take it, do not make any excuses, just do it. Transition is a call to greatness which not only affects you but it will affect your entire generation. You see your whole generation depends on your decision to accept the call of transition. Your obedience to the transitional process eradicates generational curses and releases favour and blessings which your mind cannot comprehend into your generation. A day before my grandmother was rushed into the hospital, the Holy Spirit said to me that disobedience releases curses into the bloodline of a generation whereas obedience eradicates such curses. If you will answer that call today think about the blessings that are waiting for you and your generation. Do not misunderstand me, the blood of Jesus eradicates every curse and bondage of the enemy but your obedience and disobedience to His instructions is what releases a curse or eradicates the curse. I encourage you today, step up to the call to greatness. Walk through the door of transition. It will not always be easy but God is your strength and it will be worth it in the end.

God bless you and thank you for reading.

Author: Dahna Fearon

Dahna Fearon is the Founder of Release Me, a movement which aims to educate, empower and establish women into understanding their purpose and destiny.

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