Fruit and Root Relationships

There is a divine shift in relationships in this season. Embrace the process and remain humble. I’ve learnt over the years some are called to your root season whereas others are called to your fruit season.

It’s important to undertsand that both are necessary in your lives and their sudden departure from your life does not mean that they are evil.

Some are called to you when you are in pain and when you are better and can stand on your own two feet God will remove them from your life. There are others who God will keep from you in your season of pain because they don’t have the capacity to handle your vulnerability.
They only have the capacity to walk with you in your season of fruitfulness.

You need people in your life in seasons of fruitfulness to pick and gather the fruits that you will produce. Maturity and discernment will help you to discern these types of people in this season.

Pick It Up Again

As we face this global pandemic that has caused many to be in lockdown, I have seen creativity come alive agin. Crisis in the Japanese language means opportunity. What opportunity has this pandemic presented to you?

Gratitude opens the door for God to release you to your next level of creativity. This season of stillness is so that God can reset, restore and revive you. For many of you, this lockdown has saved you from you. In my personal prayer time, I started thanking God for saving me from myself because I realised the path I was on, even though I believed I was moving in obedience, I was moving way too fast.I have learnt that  sometimes  God will wreck your plans before your own plans wreck you.

For some of you the purpose of this lockdown, is to open up your eyes to the dreams that God wants to release in you and for some of you, this season is designed for you to be able to pick up what you have  dropped.  A new level of grace is being released to you to fulfil your purpose. There are many dreams being resurrected in this season. Momentum is here to propel you into the completion stage of your unfinished assignments. For some of you, this season of lockdown will introduce to a new version of you. God wants to remake you. God is a doing a new thing in you. Isaiah 43:18-19- New fire, new strength, new courage. God is giving you strength to mount up like the Eagle in Isaiah 40:31. God is renewing your strength and releasing His power upon you to run in this next season. There is a new grace for you to pick it up again.

Thanks for reading.