Feeling Isolated???


Still on the subject of Joseph, this thought came to me. Sometimes your dream will lead you into seasons of isolation. I was thinking of Jospeh; As he went  into the pit and embarked on that journey leading him all the way to the palace. In Genesis 37:24 the pit was empty and there was no water. This seems bad and disadvantageous at first, there was no water which meant there was so sustainenance and water which is usually indicative of the spirit, it would almost look like the presence of God was not with him. It would seem that death was pending, he was left for dead. But there was an advantage in this. Had there been water in the well, Joseph would have drowned. Sometimes after stepping out by faith, you want that blessing straight away but if you attain the manifestation of that dream before the right timing, it could kill you. On the other hand, what may seem to have come to kill us, is actually there to help us. There is advantage in your disadvantage. As a result of his brother’s plot, Joseph was thrown into a journey that he may not have expected. But what started this whole journey for Joseph was his dream. All he saw was the dream where his brothers would bow before him in the future. What he did not see was the process of pain, accusation and isolation. Oftentimes when God calls you on a journey, He will show you the end from the beginning. Most times, your dream will lead you in a season of isolation. Whenever you are called into Isolation, it is so that God can take you into a season of revelation. Think about it, I said this in the previous blog, Joseph entered the pit as a dreamer but by the time he got into the prison, he became an interpreter of dreams, where did he learn to do this? It was the process in between the pit and the prison.

Joseph was never alone, God was always with him (Genesis 39:2). He may not have been around people who he was familiar with but God was with him and that is all you need. Oftentimes your dreams and your assignment  will cause you to let go off of everything that you are familiar with to go into places of unfamiliarity and isolation. Before David became king, he had to experience being out in the field looking after sheep by himself (1Samuel 16:11)  before being responsible for a nation. There is a blessing in your season of isolation. If your assignment has led you into a time of assignment, use this time to focus on what the Lord is trying to say to you. It is actually a season of revelation. 

 Three months ago, the Lord told me to pack my suitcase and move to the city by faith then when I got here He told me not to contact anyone who I was familiar with except for immediate family.  He still has not released me yet but this is the season where I have received a lot of revelation. And I would never trade this season for anything because I know more now than I did when I first started this journey. So take heart don’t worry about the warfare, it’s already done, you have already won. The warfare is about what you are about to occupy and you have already won. 

God bless you and thank you for reading.

There Is Purpose In Your Process

The very thing that put Joseph in the pit is the very thing that delivered Joseph out of the pit.

It was his Dream

He started off as a dreamer but by the time the process was finished with him, he became an interpreter of dreams. The process has a way of changing one’s position in life. The same gifting that landed him in the pit is the same gifting that gave him access to the presence of Pharaoh. What is that reoccurring gift that has followed you throughout your life? What is that thing that every time you think of it, there is a fire that stirs up on the inside of you.

What is that thing that every time you close your eyes you can see yourself operating in that particular area. For me I discovered I came alive every time I spoke into the lives of others. What makes life worth living for me is seeing others coming into their own after the Lord speaks to them through me, and seeing them walk in their purpose. What brings me to life is when I put pen to paper and I begin to write what thus saith the Lord. It is seeing those words bounce off the realms of the spirit into my heart which is then transferred to paper and into my blogs. It is through great adversity, that I discovered my purpose and the years  I spent  serving in the church as a choir member, usher, secretary and third vice president and altar worker then at the age of 21 I became a minister. It was at this point I started to come into my own, I started discovering my purpose. I realised I had a passion to speak into the lives of people and it is from here that ‘Release Me’ was birth through me and other future projects . Two and a half years after becoming a minister, the Lord told me to leave. Some were saying how could God tell you to give up such a position? But it is at this point that I recognised that you have to leave the great in order to experience the greater. It is at this point that I realised that my experiences from living in Jamaica and moving  to London; and from London to Nottingham and moving right back to London again served a great purpose to shape my character for the purpose that is on my life. Joseph’s experiences from the pit to the prison was to prepare him for ruler ship over Egypt (Genesis 41:41-43). He lost his coat of many colours when he was thrown in the pit by his brothers (Genesis 37v23) but when he got to Pharaoh’s palace, he was restored in Genesis 41v42 in “vestures of fine linen”. Whatever you lose in the process, God will restore it back to you and put you in a place of influence.

I say all of this to say  that Joseph recognised that his gifting led him into the pit and then from the pit to the palace. He recognised that it was about his generations and that God was leading him to deliver his family (Genesis 50:20). A lot of the adversities that you are facing right now is not about you, it is about the generations that have gone on before you and it is about the generations that will come after you. What you are fighting right now, your generations are depending on you. You are not alone. Your adversity will release your creativity. It will release your purpose. You will discover your true identity. How do you discover yourself in the midst of something that is trying to strip you of who you are?

It is about your decisions. You either decide to be bitter or to grow and get better. Joseph made this choice, when Potiphar’s wife propositioned him, he could have said in Potiphar’s house, I should be allowed to do this because of all I have been through but he held on to his integrity and he ran. Will you make excuses or will you fight for the destiny of your generations to come.
Joseph was the forerunner of what God was about to do. Joseph moving to Egypt set up the scene for Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God knew what He was doing when He allowed Joseph to be sold into slavery. So start to look at your adversity with a different perspective. Your adversity is there not to kill you but to position you for greatness. It is in your adversity where creativity is discovered and released in you.

God bless you and thank you for reading

A Dream Delayed But Not Denied

Dreams  Sign

Have you ever felt like God has forgotten about the dream that He has laid on your heart? Are you on a journey right now in pursuit of your dream but you feel like every time you think you have a breakthrough, you find that there is a delay and you have to wait?

I remembered I was listening to a sermon in April 2011 entitled ‘A Dream Delayed but Not Denied’. This man of God who was preaching had married his high school sweetheart, and they had their children, he had a successful business then suddenly his wife was diagnosed with cancer and within a short period of time she had died. He wrestled with God because they had drawn a picture of their vision as husband and wife walking towards the cross which meant they both strived to serve the Lord in their marriage, but she had died, so does that mean that the dream is now ended? Does that mean it will not come to pass?

Not so, this preacher went on to explain later that the Lord had led him to marry again and now they are working together in ministry both serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel. He explained that sometimes God will show a vision and dream with certain people and in reality you look for those people but his message was that was important was that the dream had come to pass, the details will be different, sometimes the people in the dream will not be the same as the people in reality but the fact is that the dream has come to pass.

So what is a dream?

A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. A dream is also a cherished aspiration or ideal. So everyone reading this is a dreamer, there is something that you have always wanted to accomplish or every time you close your eyes, you see this recurring thought or image in your mind.

I have come to learn that before a dream comes to pass, there is a process that one has to go through before the dream is manifested. A dream delayed does not mean that God has denied you, it just means that it is not time. As a fellow dreamer myself, it has taken me a long time to understand this.

In Ecclesiastes 3v1, it says ‘to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’. This means that every dream that you have has an exact date and time that it must come to pass. If you think of a tree for example, if you pick a fruit and consume it before its time and season, you will get sick because the fruit has to be ripe before it can be eaten; there are even some fruits that will poison you especially the Ackee, if you force the pods to open before its time, it releases a poison that will cause death. It may be the season for your dream, but you have to wait for the right time.  It is the same with dreams and visions, you may have had a dream that you have wanted to accomplish for a long time but it may not be the season or time for your dream to come to pass. Delay is essential for every dream because it may mean that more growth is required on your path before your dream comes true or the people who will play a part in helping you to fulfill your dream is not in their rightful place and the people who will benefit from your dream has to be ready to receive from you. So God has to delay you from getting to your dream prematurely So being delayed has its own purpose.

Joseph is a great example when it comes to the life of a dreamer and the many disappointments and delay that he too had experienced on his journey. Joseph teaches us that for every dream to manifest, a journey is required to step into the dreams that God has given you. You do not just have a dream and the next day it happens (it can happen) but for dreams that will make a difference in the lives of others, there is a price to pay. There is a process. The process takes and cuts away the ugly things from our character. The process molds you into who God desires and plans for you to be. The process is a painful and lonely place but great things come from the place of processing.

Joseph had a dream in Genesis 37v5. The scripture tells us that Joseph was loved by his father more than his other brothers. He even gave him a coat of many colours. As a result of this his brothers hated him, and they did not speak to him peacefully. The lesson you can learn from this is;

  • Know that if you have a dream, you will automatically have haters, it is inevitable.

In verse 5, Joseph had a dream and he told it to his brothers and they hated him even the more.

Lesson number 2;

  • Be careful who you share your dreams with

It has cost me many relationships because I was gullible in believing that everyone would be happy for me as I was always happy for everyone but that was far from the truth. Discernment is very key here. For every dreamer, there is a dream killer and a dream sharer.  A dream killer is one that aims through their negativity to abort the dreams that you are carrying and a dream sharer is one who helps you birth your dream. Sometimes you have what is known as counterfeits that will present themselves as if they are with you to help you but all they are doing is attempting to halt you but time always reveals this.

Joseph sharing his dream shows a level of insecurity on his part, I believe he was just trying to be accepted in the group of his brothers, so by doing this, he thought they would accept him. This was a flaw that the Holy Spirit revealed to me about myself, every time I was with a group of people who made me feel less than who I am, I started talking about  the dreams that the Lord had shown me and how most of them had come to pass already. In my eyes I was just trying to make conversation but the Lord revealed my true motive to me.  Sometimes revealing your dreams before the appointed time creates unnecessary enemies. But for Joseph I believe it was a set up.  In verse 7, we see that Joseph dreams and the interpretation of that dream is that his brothers were bowing to him, so Joseph was destined to be in a place of authority.  In Genesis 37 v18-22, we see the brothers contemplating to kill Joseph all because of his dreams.

This shows that the attack, you are going through right now is not about you but it is about the dream that you are carrying on the inside of you. Joseph’s brothers threw him in the pit and then sold him to the Ishmaelites, this was the beginning of a thirteen year process for Joseph before He got to his dream (his place of destiny).

What I learn from Joseph, is that God often shows the end of a dream, but He rarely shows you the process; I am sure that if Joseph had seen the experiences he was about to encounter, he would have said to God, no thank you!!! But when you see the end of a thing, that is what  gives you the strength to face the adversity and  builds up an intestinal fortitude deep down on the inside of you that says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4v13).

Joseph went from going into the pit, to being a slave in Potiphar’s house where he was falsely accused of raping Potiphar’s wife then from Potiphar’s house he went to  prison and all of these events led him to standing before Pharaoh  and interpreting his dreams and all these events led to Joseph being promoted to Ruler over Egypt (Equivalent to a Prime Minister). Joseph became a ruler at the age of 30 years old (Genesis 41v46), Joseph was 17 years old (Genesis 37v2). So he was processed for thirteen years before his dream was fulfilled.

Joseph’s character had to be molded in order to maintain his gift. It is good to have a dream, but when your dream comes into manifestation, it is your character and your spirit of excellence (the ability to improve one’s self and skill continuously). These 13 years of processing may have seemed harsh but it worked out for Joseph’s good.  These 13 years of processing created a wealth in the soul of Joseph. It refined his character. In Genesis 39v2, it states that the Lord was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man. How could this be? Because he was a slave, he was bought; he was stripped of everything in the pit. Sometimes on our journey to the dream, when things go really bad, we think God has left us but God never leaves you and He will never forsake you.

  • Lesson-You are not what you are going through just because of the price you are paying right now, does not mean that the dream is not going to come true.
  • You are not defined by what you are facing right now; this is the journey you have to take to get to your destination. Your circumstances you are facing right now is your vehicle to your destiny.

At the end of his process, Joseph’s attitude changed; before the pit, he was telling everyone about his dreams prematurely to make others feel insecure and to make him noticed. But during the process, he changed positions, he went from dreamer to interpreter of dreams, firstly to the butler and the baker (Genesis 40v1) then to Pharaoh in Genesis 41.

The Lord revealed to me that one’s experiences are a direct sign for the type of people that you are assigned to. Joseph’s dreams were not just about him ruling and reigning over his brothers, it was bigger than that, it was about his assignment. You have to know what it is like to dream before you  can interpret a dream. Have you ever had to try and explain to someone what you are going through but they did not understand you because they had not experienced it themselves? It is frustrating and it is like you are talking to a brick wall.

That is why you have to experience your process before you get to your dream because it is the process that qualifies you to access your dream.  Your dream could be to work in a certain industry but you have to gain the necessary qualifications and work experiences to get into that particular industry.  To be a minister, pastor, preacher, you have to have experienced the pain of the people before you can reach out to them. And i believed it was the same for Joseph, he started to see the hand of God in His process, had his brothers not put him in the pit and sold him, then he would not have been bought by Potiphar; had Potiphar’s wife not accused him, he would not have been placed in prison where he met the butler and the baker and interpreted their dreams; and as a result the butler remembered him two years later and that ushered him into the presence of Pharaoh where he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and he was promoted to rule over Egypt.

You see in Genesis 45v5-8, Joseph sees the purpose in process. And it is here he recognises that the dream he initially had was bigger than his brothers bowing to him, it was about the deliverance of Egypt and his family and saving a generation.

Your dream is not about you, it is about the deliverance of a people; it is about legacy. It is about the many lives that you will touch, whether it is with a product or a service or a ministry; whatever it is, it will touch the lives of many.

In your time of delay, use this time to improve your skill and use this time for preparation. I now see delay as an opportunity to prepare myself and gain more knowledge for what it is I am waiting to step into.

My prayer for you is that the passion of your dreams be rekindled in the name of Jesus. And that you will not become weary in well doing, that you will have a shift in perspective and that you will begin to see that the delay is not denial, it is just God’s way of equipping you and maturing you for the manifestation of your dream. God bless you and thank you for reading.

Have You Checked Your Soil Lately??? Part 2


I dealt with the first two soils in my previous blog where Jesus taught on the parable of the sower in Luke chapter 8. I explained that the soils represents the disposition and the motives of the heart hearing the word of God. Below I would like to deal with the two final soils. The seeds which fell upon a rock and seeds that fell on good ground.

  • The Rock

The third soil dealt with in Luke chapter 8 is the rocky ground is not earth full of stones, as people sometimes suppose. Stones can be removed but what Jesus was describing here is earth that is shallow. This rocky ground has rock close to the surface, so there is no depth to it. In this kind of soil, you can plant, water and fertilize all you want but the roots will always be stunted. This kind of soil is common in the hill country of Judea. The seed wants to grow but cannot survive with shallow roots. What is the state of your roots, are they shallow or are they deeply rooted in God?

The rock also represents the heart of those who received the word with joy but there is no root or foundation so once they hear the word, they believe it but when temptation comes, these hearers fall. Every difficult situation that presents itself, this category of hearer gives up when the going gets tough. They are enthusiastic in their belief but when the storms of life appear, they cannot persist, they are not determined.  This verse also connotes to the idea of a rock with a superficial covering of the earth which is just enough to fructify the seed and give it a temporary germination, not enough to allow it deepness of root and consequent permanence of fruit.

To relate this to the rocky hearer, they have a hard and callous heart but are still coated with a thin layer of sensibilities and emotions, just enough of soul to start the seed of the word into vegetation. But it is not enough to give it depth or perfectness of growth.

In His study on this parable, William Bacon Stevens, 1857, writes “In the time of testing, they fall away. Being soon offended at a religion which exposes them to such trials; Rather than bear the taunts of men- they dare the frowns of God, and so return to the world which they once promised to renounce”.

  • Good Ground

The final soil is that of the seeds which were planted on ground (Luke 8vs 15). This verse represents those who hear the word and understand it. They produce crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. They have an honest and good heart. They receive the truth without questionings and disputing. They do not twist and cavil at the word; they treat the word that they have heard and received honestly, and act upon it with simple minded sincerity and a desire to profit (to bring a return on God’s investment). Whenever God invests in a thing, He expects a return.

When the good ground hearer hears the word, they give the word their attention and they apply their hearts to wisdom in activating the word of God over their lives.  Jodi Hooper puts it this way that “Our Christian character does not depend so much on our hearing the word as it is on keeping the word”. The word does benefit you just hearing it Sunday to Sunday. The Word must stay in the mind in order to yield results in your life. As a man thinks so is He. If you are constantly thinking on the word and on God’s promises, guess what will happen, it will translate into your daily actions. You will begin to think, walk and live the word, and that is powerful. In regards to keeping the word in your mind, it is easier said than done. This requires a daily discipline, it is a choice that you have to make to allow the word to resonate in your spirit and apply it. When the enemy sees this He will try to distract you as I mentioned in the previous blog.

Your mind is where the greatest warfare takes place in the mind. You hear the word on Sunday and by Monday morning, you are in a war of negativity in your mind; here comes doubt stating the reality of your situation but you have to fight back using faith and respond with the word of God and create an atmosphere of worship.

Upon research, I wanted to learn about the precautions taken before a seed is sown. And first and foremost, before a seed is sown, the temperature, moisture, air and light conditions must be correct for seeds to germinate.

So how do I create a good soil (heart) for the seed (prophetic word)

You nurture your seed by;

  • Consistently repeating the word of God – this is also known as meditation, meditate means to mutter to oneself repetitively (Joshua 1:8)
  • Activate the word with faith. Your faith in the word is manifested through your actions which should be directly correlated with the prophetic word.
  • Water your word with worship, when the enemy brings negativity and doubt, begin to worship, play some songs. I experienced this today, and I just turned my music on and I began to sing, within hours the atmosphere shifted because I received a prophetic word which challenged me and delivered me and by Monday morning the enemy started trying to sow seeds of doubt but I said no and I began to worship.
  • Prayer- battles are won when you get on your knees. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer allows you to remind God of His promises (not like He forgets) and it also reminds You that He is not a God that He will lie(Numbers 23v19) and His words will not return to Him void (Isaiah 55v11). Prayer also realigns you with God’s original plan. Prayer is a two way conversation, so when you speak allow Him to talk back to you, position yourself to listen and receive from Him.
  • Invest in and listen to good sound teaching. Don’t just allow yourself to be fed on a Sunday. Surround yourself with the word daily whether through messages (CD’S, Podcasts, Audio-bibles etc). Psychologists have found that the brain can only take 20 minutes of information, after that the brain shuts down, so that hourly message, you may have missed something that you will need in the future.
  • Make good notes whilst hearing the word so that you can revisit and remind yourself of the word.
  • Apply the Word- Act on what you have heard. God has promised you some things the only way you can apply this word, is to step out by faith. If you have heard the word, that God has promised you for example a job, it will not manifest unless you start applying for jobs. Do your part and God will do His. This is where the power is application. What separates a good ground hearer and the other soils? The good ground hearer applies the word.

But please note, that you are not responsible to make the fruit. I can hear you saying, Dahna you have gone back on yourself. The whole point of these articles is to teach you how to maintain the disposition of your heart when receiving the word but the fruit come in God’s timing. Your responsibility is to fertilize the soil of your heart, feed it by moving in faith and obedience and allow God to produce on your behalf.  Paul got this revelation in 1Corinthians 3v6-7, he recognised that he does his part by planting and Apollos watering but He recognised that God gives the increase. Growth takes time, so if you are already doing this, then rejoice because your harvest is here; allow God’s timing to bring forth your fruit. Glory to God I just felt this as I wrote this.

I said in my previous blog (Your Seed Is about to Bring Forth) that your seeds are your words. In this new season, it is important that we speak the word of God (which are seeds) into the atmosphere, Your soil is your heart, this is where you hold onto the words of the Lord and His promises. Without going too deep, God formed you from the soil of the ground which means you are a walking soil. Your heart is a ground for sowing. I experienced this a few times where I was saying positive things but deep inside I did not feel good about myself, I was in turmoil, I felt like if I spoke positively it would change everything but I grew to understand that that is not the case. If your heart is negative then you will reap negativity; if your heart is positive then you will reap great things.

So after this study which has challenged me and corrected me; it has also equipped and built me up for greater; I want to challenge you with this article like it has me. Next time when you enter an environment to receive the word of God,

  • Check your motive
  • What is the state of your heart?
  • When you hear the word, which of these categories do you fall into?

Let your prayer be after reading these articles that the Lord will give you a new heart. God promised Israel this in the book of Ezekiel chapter 36v26-27. And this promise is open to you too. This is my honest prayer that God will give you and me a new heart, and that He will give me a new spirit and that He will take away the stony heart out of my flesh and give me a heart of flesh. Please feel free to model this prayer to your own needs. I pray that these articles will bless you and that it will take you to a higher level in understanding God’s will for your life. Do not rush the process, readjust and reposition yourself to receive God’s word and promises in your life and allow God’s timing to produce the fruit in you.

God bless you and thank you for reading

Have You Checked Your Soil Lately???


The Lord has been dealing with me on the seed. In my last blog on this topic, I dealt with the seed when it is planted into the ground. And the importance of waiting for the fruit to come forth between the planting of the seed and the process it has to come through in order to bring forth plenty fruit. But  I want to focus on the soil. Have you ever felt like you are constantly sowing the seed, you are doing everything right, but you are getting nothing in return? Could it be that your soil is not right? How so?

Jesus talks about the parable of the sower in Luke chapter 8, who sowed his seeds in different soils and the results of the seeds being sown into those different environments. He deals with the motives and the dispositions of those who were listening to His messages. Luke 8 represents the different soils (conditions) of the human heart and the different receptions and results which the seed of the gospel meets with as it is sown through believers all over the world. Luke chapter 8 is very relevant to today’s church.

The soils represents us as believers and for everyone who attends church on a weekly basis. After this research, I am reminded that it is important that we pray as we enter the church, it should be our prayer that God will purify our hearts so that we are able to receive the word and that it will bring forth manifested results to expand and add to the Kingdom of God.

There are four different environments where these seeds were casted in Luke chapter 8 and I am going to focus on how these four different soils apply to the Christian life today. So firstly;

  • The Wayside

Luke 8v 12 talks about the seed (the word of God) falling by the wayside represents the heart of those who hears the word but the enemy comes and takes the word of their hearts to stop them from believing the word and be saved. The wayside path is a public thoroughfare beaten smooth and hardened by the feet of travellers; so that the seed dropped there cannot sink in but is speedily picked up by the birds or trodden down by men.

The human heart can be seen as a wayside as this is where all of one’s thoughts travel. The heart is where all imaginations and sinful feelings, corrupt desires meet and exchange salutations. The heart of such a man is trodden down and made hard like a wayside, by overrunning thoughts and sins. Imagine if you enter the House of God with these overruling thoughts, your heart is filled with evil imaginations, when you bow to pray or when you start to sing the songs, it is not coming from your spirit. When the word of God is preached, it falls upon the affections and imaginations just like a wayside, and in return the word is trodden by negligence or allows the enemy to come in through distractions or life’s issues to snatch away the word that God has for you. The word only hits your ears but it does not penetrate your soul. On these wayside hearers, the word of God has no effect, there is no change and therefore there is no fruit of productivity in their lives.

Have you ever noticed after attending church, you have heard the word, it was powerful, right on point it was prophetic. But then you start to experience warfare, or random individuals even those who are close to you do everything in their power to upset or offend you. This is a plot of the enemy to steal your word. Be aware!!!

  • Thorns

The seeds which fell among thorns, represents those who have heard the word, but they get caught up with life and the cares and riches and pleasures of this life chokes the word, which leads to the word laying dormant and bare no fruit. How many powerful words have you heard over the past few years? How many times did the Holy Spirit move in your church? Yet you may not have seen the manifestation of what you have heard? Could it be that you have allowed the cares and worries of this life to choke your word. 

As I was looking at verse 14 of Luke chapter 8, the word choked stood out to me so I took to the dictionary to look at the meaning of ‘choked’.

Choked- (1) when a person/animal has severe difficulty in breathing because of a constructed or obstructed throat or lack of air.

(2) To fill a space so as to make movement difficult or impossible.

I want to focus on the second meaning. 

 ‘Fills a space so as to make movement difficult or impossible’. 

 This is a tactic of the enemy, what he does is he will try to fill your life with stress, depression and disappointments to block you from moving on the prophetic word. I have experienced this personally. Every time I set to act on the prophetic word over my life, there is always something, whether it is my personal life or someone close to me.

What vision did God give you? What steps have you made to attain that goal for your vision? Is it that every time when you try to act on the word of God, something more urgent comes up- this is plot of the enemy to choke your word. This is a tactic of the enemy  to drift you from your purpose.

This is what leads you to not applying the word. This is another issue here, if you apply the word, that is how you start bearing forth fruit. 

This is an issue in the body, you hear the word but you do not apply it. You conquer the enemy in this area by acting on God’s word.

After looking at choked, I wanted to look at thorns and the part they play in choking the seeds. I looked at thorns and discovered that thorns are a natural defence mechanism. Plant thorns are used to prevent them from being eaten and increase their ephemeral lives for reproductive people.

At this point, it did not seem like thorns were such a bad thing. But keep reading

Thorny bushes overpower any plant near them. It is hard to pull the plants/seeds out because the thorns protect them, and will hurt anyone brave enough to grasp them. So as I was conducting my research, I notice that the thorns represents your social circles. The thorns represents your friends, colleagues and family who are bitter and angry, at first they don’t come across as bitter and angry, it will come across as if they have your best interest at heart. 

But be careful, every time God gives you a word and you bring it before these types of people, their negativity chokes your word, your ability to dream and move freely upon what God has told you.

People with a thorny character, they do not like to see anyone happy, anyone inspired by belief in something higher than themselves. They pour scorn on anyone who wants to be a better person, or build a better world. The only remedy is to leave them to their bitterness and move out of their orbit.  If you stay with this circle of people, sooner or later, their bitterness will rub off on you and choke out your inspiration.

I have personally been in relationships where every time I shared my dreams and visions and my passions with them, I would leave feeling drained and hopeless because they always had a problem for every solution. I had to make the brave decision to move on with my life. It was a painful decision because these were and are people that I have loved and respected over the years but the prophetic word (seed) was more important so I had to move on . No one could talk me out of it, I had to make a conscious decision to leave. Some of you are reading this and you can think of people who you relate to daily who are just like this. I want to encourage you to step out and do what God has told you to do. Every word spoken over you, I pray against every thorn-like relationship that the enemy is using to choke your word in Jesus Name. Amen


Be careful of the obsession with getting rich. There is nothing wrong with wealth, it is God’s will that we have life more abundantly (John 10:10). But there must be balance. Sometimes opportunities will present themselves to derail and drift you from your purpose. Not every success comes from God, Joshua 1:9 says “good success” so that tells me there is bad success as well. When you discover your purpose, blessings and provision will automatically locate you. The cares are the issues we face daily. The pleasures are earthly and carnal desires. What is that thorn that you are dealing with? I am talking about that weakness that you have struggled with and are still struggling with. Don’t suffer in silence, give it to God, His grace is sufficient for you (2Corinthians 12:9). If you are dealing with a personal struggle, find a trusted sister or brother in Christ and confide in the or a minister in your church. The enemy uses condemnation to choke out your word too. 

I pray you are blessed by what you have read so far. Stay tuned for the next blog where I will discuss the last two soils. 

God bless you and thank you for reading.

Are You Saying I can Lose 5lbs With This Tea?


The last time I wrote about the Iaso Tea, I went into detail about  the nine natural plants that are used to make this powerful tea. I also discussed the benefits of each of the ingredient used to combine this powerful tea. I tried it for the first time and I must say I am blown away by the results I experienced after drinking this tea.

Before drinking this tea, my first concern was the taste, what does it taste like? My first impression of the taste was that it tastes like nothing; It tastes like water, very refreshing cold glass of water.

On the first day after consuming my first cup of tea, I realised immediately how much energy I had, I was not as tired as I usually am at that time of day. Secondly, within hours I was able to go to the loo. I know that is way too much information, but to all the females out there, I know its not because you are trying to be cute, why you do not use the toilet enough, it is because you have an issue that you are secretly struggling with. 



I am here to let you now that this tea helps with that.

For over a year, I struggled with going to the loo, the doctors prescribed medication and none of this worked for me. I even gave up on my medication, because I felt like it was making me feel worse. After drinking this tea, within hours, I was able to go. With constipation, came another issue,No Sleep!!! I could not sleep and when I did  fall asleep I would only sleep for two hours then wake up again. After drinking this tea, I slept like a baby for eight hours straight and woke up feeling refreshed.



 On the second day, I experienced the same results again. I had more energy and I was more relaxed and my body was not so tense. I was getting more work  done because I did not feel so overwhelmed. I experienced a lot of bloating as a result of constipation. But after drinking this tea,  I felt lighter. I also noticed an increased activity in my bladder which created a need to go to the toilet more often which meant that the toxins were being flushed out. By day 5, my stomach went down completely.

By day 6, I stepped on the scales and I noticed I had lost over 5lbs.

I can hear the sceptics already saying “That is not possible”. With this tea, it is possible and I did not have to readjust my diet. All I had to do was drink 2-3 cups of Iaso Tea with my lunch and dinner. Below is a picture of my weight on the first day (left) and on the second picture is my weight on day 6. 



I am sure you are excited in trying this tea and you can. Check out my website www.totallifechanges.com/dahnaf and order item #150. 

How to  Make 

 Measure 1L water and bring to boil into a pot. Once the water is boiled, add the tea bags and leave to brew for 4-8 hours. Once the tea is brewed, mix it with 3L of cold water and mix together. Once you have mixed everything together, put it in the refrigerator and have 8 ounces with your lunch and 8 ounces with your dinner and an optional 4 ounces with a snack. One pack of tea lasts for seven days.