Exchange Your Garments for God’s Glory

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Throughout the scriptures, we often read about those who had gone through the hardest of times, and after breaking through, they are commanded to change their clothes or their names. We have Joseph who after going from the pit to prison, when the call came for him to go before Pharaoh, we read in Genesis chapter 41, that he shaved himself and he had put on new clothes. We have Abram, after stepping out by faith to God’s instruction; he experiences a name change in Genesis 17v5 from Abram to Abraham and Jacob in Genesis 35v10 whose name was changed from Jacob to Israel. We read in the book of Ruth chapter 3v3, where Naomi instructs Ruth to wash herself, change her clothes and anoint herself.

In Zechariah chapter 3v4, we read about Joshua standing before the angel with filthy garments and the angel says in verse 4 that he will clothe Joshua with a change of raiment, which means clothing. This blog has been inspired by an anointed woman of God called Pastor Enid Stewart, she preached about ‘Changing Your Garment for the Exchange of His Glory’.  This message resonated in my spirit so much that the Lord led me to research the meaning of Glory. Seeing that this is my favourite word, I was excited but trying to figure out what the word Glory had to do with clothing. Upon researching the word glory, I found that there are many interpretations of Glory from the Greek and the Hebrew translations. I will not bore you with all of the words but I will use one from the Hebrew and one from the Greek;  in the Old Testament, one of the words used to describe Glory is kabod which means to be heavy or abundant. In the Greek, glory is interpreted as doxa which means the opinion/perception of God. I discovered that in the Old Testament, the concept of glory falls into three main areas. Firstly, in terms of volume, glory can be interpreted as the sheer notion of weight. This can be extended into the concept of presence whether it is through swelling, cloaking or sheer inherent magnificence. And thirdly, the notion of praiseworthiness, shining or brilliance described as glory.

So the principle basis of glory in the Hebrew is the weight or immensity of something. On the other hand, the Greek word for glory (doxa) speaks to the perception of something as being good. So when God’s glory is on you, He sees you as good no matter what may be happening in your life in this present time or what you may have done in the past. So what has glory got to do with changing your clothing? The Lord used the symbol of clothing to speak to me concerning my identity. Clothing in this context represents the opinion and the labels that people have put on me based on my past and present circumstances. You see, the Greek meaning for Glory is doxa which is the opinion of God, He told me to begin to exchange my garment of man’s opinion and replace it with the opinion of God. As I began to do this, there was a confidence that came over me, which I will now call ‘Godfidence’ that whatever He says about me and whatever He tells me to do, I can do it.

To carry the glory of God, this means that you carry the opinion of God, which in turn creates an atmosphere for God’s presence, because every time you open up your mouth, He has no other choice but to show up because you are His opinion, every time that you open up your mouth, you speak His opinion. Where do you find God’s opinion? You find God’s opinion in the Bible and spending time in His presence.  When you change your garments that is when God can present you before His people to carry out the assignment that is on your life. As long as you continue to walk in the old garments of people’s labeling and  opinions of you, you will never truly discover who you are in God and what you were created to do. So I encourage you today to change your garments and make an exchange for the glory (doxa) of God. God bless you and thank you for reading…..

Mephibosheth Arise

In 2 Samuel 9, we see a story unfold about a young man by the name of Mephibosheth. In chapter 9v1, David asks the question ‘Is there any that is left of the house of Saul that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake”?

Before I continue, there is someone asking about you and they are on the search for you to bless you. 

So David finds Ziba, a servant of the house of Saul and asks about Mephibosheth. In verse 4, Ziba identifies Mephibosheth based on his current situation , he does not even call him by his name. How many people have defined you based on your past or present circumstances? Even Mephibosheth started to define himself based on his present circumstances in verse 8, he allowed his situation to form his identity and he described himself as a “dead dog”. Oftentimes people will try to label you because of an event in your life which will then cause you to see yourself with the perspective of your past or present difficulty; this is a dangerous place to be. But not so, you are never defined by what you have been through or what you are going through. Your identity comes from and is in God.

Ziba in verse 4 then goes on to describe where Mephibosheth is located, at this point he still has not identified him by his name. I already have an issue with Ziba but I will leave that for another blog. In verse 4, we are told that Mephibosheth is located in Lodebar. Lodebar in the hebrew language means pasture less, it is a dry place. Because of his condition which was caused by Saul’s dishonour (future blog), this lameness led him to a dry place. Are you where you are because of someone else’s mistake? , it is often said that  no one can determine the outcome of your destiny without your permission but here Mephibosheth had no control over his disability because he was made lame at the age of five years old (2Samuel 4v4) because the nurse had heard the news of his father and grandfather’s death so the nurse was trying to be a helper of destiny because she knew that Mephibosheth would be next to be killed but upon trying to escape she drops him and he is lame as result. Who has dropped you in life which has made you lame? Who has rejected you which has led to such intense pain that you cannot move forward? What is stopping you from moving forward? Is it that abusive past or parent or abusive spouse, is it shame? Is it your finances? Is it ill health? What has made you lame?

The feet is often a metaphor for destiny, it is about movement. Feet are positioned to go forward. Lameness is an attack against one’s destiny. Being lame prevents one from moving. Mephibosheth was in a place of dependency.  He was the grandson of a king, he had an inheritance but there he was living in a dry place. This is an oxymoron. His life was a contradiction. Do you see and hear what God has said about you but it does not look like it in reality? Be encouraged, that is about to change. Even though he was in this dry place, it did not take away from him the fact that he was the grandson of a previous king.  So I ask again what has made you lame? I am here to declare to you that whatever your lame situation is, God is sending a David to restore you back to your place of inheritance. Do not allow your past or present circumstances to define your destiny. What you have been through and what you may be going through right now does not diminish the fact that you are a child of a king. So I say whoever you are Mephibosheth, it is time to arise and allow yourself to be repositioned at the king’s table.

God bless you and thank you for reading

Transition Is The Call To Greatness

My last article was on the subject of transition and I said transition is not always convenient but it is necessary for one’s growth and advancement.

Transition is moving from one place to the next. I have been on a journey for the last 18 months and I realised that since 2008, God was actually preparing me for this journey. In transition, you will experience loss;  loss is necessary in the process of transition because that is how the new things are birth when great loss takes place. Know that it is at the point of loss where you will experience growth and a new beginning. I believe everyone at some point will receive the call to transition but it is for you to answer that call. Transition is a call to greatness. Most times, when transition shows up in the lives of people, they will start to say things like “this is not the right time”, “I cannot move because…..” “I do not have enough finances” “I cannot do this because of that”. I found myself having this same reaction and making the same excuses. The truth is, transition is never convenient but it is always necessary.

The scenario with with the fig tree in Mark 11v13-14 comes to mind when I think of transition. Jesus showed up to the fig tree hungry and ready to collect some figs. This scripture baffled me when I read it last year because at first I thought Jesus was being harsh when he cursed the fig tree. In verse 13, it said that the time of the figs was not yet, which meant as it says, it was not time for it to bear fruit. However, the leaves on the tree indicated that it was the season for the figs to start bearing fruit. Even though the the tree was in its season it was not time. Was Jesus being impatient? Not so, when Jesus showed up, the tree should have bore fruits. When Jesus shows up, the time is always now so no matter what time it is or what season you are in when Jesus shows up the time is now and that is where the fig tree messed up.

According to Jewish  agriculture, the fig tree, when it was about to bear fruit, the leaves on the tree would always come first then these little knobs would spring forth after. These little knobs were what farmers looked out for because these knobs were a sign to farmers that the tree would bear fruits so when Jesus saw the leaves (which represents potential) on the fig tree, he was actually expecting to see the knobs but he found nothing. How many of you are walking around with songs that no one has ever heard, or books that have never been written or that ministry or business that God has been pressing on your heart to start? That is your potential, be ready when God shows up, do not allow yourself to be like this fig tree.

The Lord took me deeper, He revealed to me that this is what happens in transition, when you refuse to walk through the door of transition, just like the fig tree, you will become stagnant. Transition is psychological which is manifested through your actions and the transformation is what reveals the psychological process of transition in a person. Transition takes you through a paradigm shift which is also psychological. Transition is not physical in humans like it is for  the eagle, it is a psychological experience which takes you to the next dimension. Do not be like the fig tree; when the opportunity  for change presents itself, take it, do not make any excuses, just do it. Transition is a call to greatness which not only affects you but it will affect your entire generation. You see your whole generation depends on your decision to accept the call of transition. Your obedience to the transitional process eradicates generational curses and releases favour and blessings which your mind cannot comprehend into your generation. A day before my grandmother was rushed into the hospital, the Holy Spirit said to me that disobedience releases curses into the bloodline of a generation whereas obedience eradicates such curses. If you will answer that call today think about the blessings that are waiting for you and your generation. Do not misunderstand me, the blood of Jesus eradicates every curse and bondage of the enemy but your obedience and disobedience to His instructions is what releases a curse or eradicates the curse. I encourage you today, step up to the call to greatness. Walk through the door of transition. It will not always be easy but God is your strength and it will be worth it in the end.

God bless you and thank you for reading.

Transition Is Never Convenient But It Is Necessary

Transition is a journey I have come to be all familiar with over the past few years. For the last 15 years of my life, I have experienced so many changes both major and small, but they have all led to tremendous growth.

To be in transition means to travel between destinations. Life is filled with many opportunities to transition. But it is down to you to accept the call. I have come to realise in my journey that transition is a call to greatness. Ignoring that call can be detrimental to your growth and to your future. Whenever I think of transition and my journey, the eagle springs to mind. The bible says in Isaiah 40v31, ‘But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint’.

I always talk about the process of the eagle when I discuss transition with my friends and peers. Eagles go through a process known as metamorphosis. This is where an Eagle goes through a physical change. With the eagle, at a certain stage in its life, everything starts to get old, its energy is not where it once was, so it makes a decision either it stays in the physical state that it is in and die or go through the painful process of metamorphosis. It is at this point, it retreats to a mountaintop and over a five month period, it goes through the painful process of metamorphosis. It knocks off its own beak by banging it against a rock, till it falls off then it plucks out its feathers. However, each stage produces a re-growth of the removed body parts, allowing the eagle to live for another 30-40 years. You see, transition requires you to leave the known and branch out into the unknown.

The journey of transition entails a lot of loss and pain but this is necessary for growth. This takes place to prepare you for the new things that you will accumulate throughout your journey; you cannot put new stuff into old vessels. At the end of the transitional journey, there is so much growth and restoration for all of what you have lost. The transitional journey is lonely but during this lonely season, it is a time of revelation and preparation for the next level that God has for you.

Know that transition is never convenient. When the Lord told me to step out of my known environment and into the journey of the unknown, there were some inconvenient and unexpected events. Then God reminded me that the whole point of this journey is to be used as His vessel. He reminded me that He chose me, John 15v16.

If you sense that you are being called into the unknown, you will feel fear and uncertainty but know that this is your call to greatness and the only route to greatness is through transition, taking you from one destination to the next.

God bless you and thank you for reading.

Cast Off The Old And Embrace The New

My favourite phrase I use, when people say, ‘Dahna you look amazing’, I often say, I do not look like what I have been through.

I have come to learn that your change begins when you surrender to a season of discomfort. There is a high chance that after going through your wilderness season or your season of discomfort, we tend to leave with a residue of what we have been through. The first image that comes to mind is a baby that has just been born. As soon as the baby comes out, the umbilical cord is cut and the baby is taken to be cleaned up before he or she is given to its mother. When you take the step to change, you have to expect turbulence and oppositions but it is important that when you get through, that you do not look like what you have been through.

I am not encouraging wearing a mask or hiding your scars because your scars are there as a reminder as to how strong you are, what I am saying however is that you have to allow a paradigm shift in order to go to the next level of your destiny.

Naomi instructed Ruth in Ruth chapter 3v3 to “wash, anoint herself and to put thy raiment upon thee”. Joseph had to shave himself and put on new clothing.

You see Ruth forsook everything that was known to her to go after a God she was not familiar with and worked in a field. Ruth had to pay a huge price. Joseph was stripped and thrown into a pit and after being falsely accused, was thrown into prison for two years. Naomi instructed Naomi to wash, anoint and put on new clothing, Joseph was called by Pharaoh and immediately shaved and had put on new clothing.

What Ruth and Joseph did was a type of preparation. When Esther entered the palace, she had to go through a series of preparation and purification for a whole year before she met the king. When you have gone through a season of hardship, God will take you through a time of purification, to purge away the stench of the past struggles.

Change is a process and three things takes place with every change. In Ruth 3v3, we see the process unfold in the life of Ruth who begins to move from working in the field to becoming the owner by marrying Boaz, the kinsman redeemer.

There are things that Ruth had to do first. She had to was, anoint and change her clothes.

To wash is to put away the past. To get to the future, you have to put the past behind you whether it is good or bad. When you wash, you are ridding yourself of what is holding you back. There is a mindset that needs to be shed before one can be promoted. Once you have been washed, allow the infilling of the Holy Spirit, this has to be done on a continual basis to prevent the old from trying to creep back in. Lastly Ruth changed her garments, sometimes you have to actually put some physical distance between you and what holds you to your past.

The best way to prevent yourself from going back to what is comfortable is to put some distance between you and it to get it out of your life.

The root word used for raiment in the scriptures is ‘simlah’ and it is a general word for clothes which in context could be a mantle. Ruth packaged herself for where she was going, instead of where she had been. Joseph did the same thing.  In Genesis 41v14, Joseph changed his beard and changed his clothes because the Egyptians hated beards. He wanted to create a climate of acceptance in the palace of Pharaoh. Dr Mike Murdock puts it this way, “packaging determines desire”. Joseph did not go before Pharaoh with a hit list of all of the people who had hurt him in the process and Ruth did not start to burden Boaz with her past. She packaged herself in a way that made her unforgettable. Joseph’s wisdom and discretion led him to promotion. So my encouragement to you today is, dress spiritually and physically for where you are going, not for where you have been.

Research taken from ‘The Uncommon Achiever’ and ‘The Uncommon Achiever’ by Dr Mike Murdock

I Just want to take this time to honour the life of my grandmother, Rest In Peace Grandma a.k.a Aunt Mae

God bless you and thank you for reading.

Wait For Pharoah’s Call

So I was just doing some work and as I was typing I heard this in the spirit. The Lord brought me back to when I did pottery in my first year of college and I remembered moulding the clay and my tutor would say start over as air has gotten into the clay and that is detrimental to the clay pot if you put it into the furnace. He went on to explain that these little air holes in the clay will create cracks in the pot.

 As I was typing away, the Lord revealed to me that the pot is significant of one’s character. He said the process of moulding and then being crushed every time is to get rid if the air (bad habits, pride sin) out of you (the clay) because as a pot, there cannot be any cracks, imagine if I had put the clay pot with the holes in the furnace? Guess what would have happened, there would have been cracks and then it would not be good for use. Imagine pouring water into a cracked pot? What would happen, the water would leak out. The Holy Spirit revealed that the pot is like your character, if there are cracks in your character, the substance poured into that pot is your gifting but if your character is flawed, it will not hold your gift well. Your gift makes room for you but your character will have you kicked out of that room. Appreciate the process and let God mould you. Don’t rush the process. Joseph stay in that prison and await Pharaoh’s call. God will accelerate you. Joseph was brought out the prison hastily to go before Pharaoh. When he went before Pharaoh, his discretion and wisdom impressed Pharaoh, it was not just his ability to interpret dreams. When your process is through with you God will accelerate you into your destiny. Glory to God. This word is for me as well as it is for someone who will read this. 
God bless you and thank you for reading

Feeling Isolated???


Still on the subject of Joseph, this thought came to me. Sometimes your dream will lead you into seasons of isolation. I was thinking of Jospeh; As he went  into the pit and embarked on that journey leading him all the way to the palace. In Genesis 37:24 the pit was empty and there was no water. This seems bad and disadvantageous at first, there was no water which meant there was so sustainenance and water which is usually indicative of the spirit, it would almost look like the presence of God was not with him. It would seem that death was pending, he was left for dead. But there was an advantage in this. Had there been water in the well, Joseph would have drowned. Sometimes after stepping out by faith, you want that blessing straight away but if you attain the manifestation of that dream before the right timing, it could kill you. On the other hand, what may seem to have come to kill us, is actually there to help us. There is advantage in your disadvantage. As a result of his brother’s plot, Joseph was thrown into a journey that he may not have expected. But what started this whole journey for Joseph was his dream. All he saw was the dream where his brothers would bow before him in the future. What he did not see was the process of pain, accusation and isolation. Oftentimes when God calls you on a journey, He will show you the end from the beginning. Most times, your dream will lead you in a season of isolation. Whenever you are called into Isolation, it is so that God can take you into a season of revelation. Think about it, I said this in the previous blog, Joseph entered the pit as a dreamer but by the time he got into the prison, he became an interpreter of dreams, where did he learn to do this? It was the process in between the pit and the prison.

Joseph was never alone, God was always with him (Genesis 39:2). He may not have been around people who he was familiar with but God was with him and that is all you need. Oftentimes your dreams and your assignment  will cause you to let go off of everything that you are familiar with to go into places of unfamiliarity and isolation. Before David became king, he had to experience being out in the field looking after sheep by himself (1Samuel 16:11)  before being responsible for a nation. There is a blessing in your season of isolation. If your assignment has led you into a time of assignment, use this time to focus on what the Lord is trying to say to you. It is actually a season of revelation. 

 Three months ago, the Lord told me to pack my suitcase and move to the city by faith then when I got here He told me not to contact anyone who I was familiar with except for immediate family.  He still has not released me yet but this is the season where I have received a lot of revelation. And I would never trade this season for anything because I know more now than I did when I first started this journey. So take heart don’t worry about the warfare, it’s already done, you have already won. The warfare is about what you are about to occupy and you have already won. 

God bless you and thank you for reading.